Christian Leaders Fellowship CLF transcends denominations, allowing us to meet the genuine truth and the precise heart of God on the basis of the Bible. Christian leaders will receive new spiritual power from God as their hearts become connected to the word, and will be an active part of the preaching the Gospel throughout the world.

Only the Bible, Only Faith, Only Grace!


As a leader of souls, deliver the will of God as it appears in the Word of God with biblical discretion, have pride in the work of the Gospel that is guided by the Holy Spirit and faith, and to foster unified leaders that has become one with the word transcending denominations through spiritual exchange and fellowship that are necessary to make the CLF the Central Leader for Christianity in the world.


Title Topic Sub-topic
Lecture Morning Lecture The Word and Life of Fatih
Evening Lecture Special Topic
Gospel Class Gospel I(Week 1) Gospel in the Old Testament The Law

The Offering

The Book of Hebrew

Gospel II(Week 2) Gospel in the New Testament Faith

4 Gospel Books

Gospel III(Week 3) Eternal Redemption Perfect Salvation

Works and Faith

Repentance and Confession

Gospel IV(Week 4) The History of Modern Gospel Evangelism Martin Luther

John Wesley

Good News Mission

Academy Class Faith Life, Financial Issue, disease

the works of the Holy Spirit(the Book of Acts)

Church History Church History of Europe and America

Church History of Asia

History of Good News Mission

Spiritual Life of Paul Before and After salvation


    3000 N Grant Ave, Springfield, MO 65803


    05:30 Morining Lecture
    06:30 Reading the Bible
    07:30 Breakfast
    09:00 Morning Class 1
    10:10 Morning Class 2
    11:20 Morning Class 3
    12:30 Lunch
    14:00 Language  Class
    14:40 Academy
    15:50 Group Discussion
    17:30 Dinner
    19:00 Presentation
    20:30 Special Lecture
    21:50 Prayer Meeting

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    Fee : $500(includes program, lodging, meal)
    Call : 678-770-8822, 631-742-7740(Spanish)
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