Experience inspirational lectures, insightful group sessions, and professional development that is based in the Bible and powered by the Holy Spirit in the conference. Fellowship-focused programs will help you reconnect with the heart of  God.


The conference has two parts:

  • 1st Week – Main Conference
    Dates: March 4 (Mon) – 8 (Fri), 2019
    Morning: Mahanaim School, 300 Nassau Rd, Huntington, NY 11743 (Website) (Map Directions)

    Evening: David S. Mack Sports & Exhibition Complex, Hofstra University, 245 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549 (Website) (Map Directions)

    Lodging: Radisson Hotel, Hauppauge-Long Island, 110 Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy, Hauppauge, NY 11788 (Website) (Map Directions)



  • 2nd Week – Regional Fellowshipin various different cities
    Dates: March 9 (Sat) – 13 (Wed), 2019
    Venues: Atlanta, Detroit, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and more.
    Lodging: It varies from different cities, prepared by a church in that city.



The conference will provide a variety of programs from small group sessions and large meetings to show-stopping performances on stage.

  • Main Guest Speaker’s Lecture allows us build a solid basis on the legitimate evangelical faith where God, not man, is the only one who is at work. It provides us with time to share a series of nurturing words of God with the complete gospel that leads to the assurance of being born again through testimonies of true repentance and faith from saved saints.

  • Systemic Gospel Seminar systemizes the everlasting gospel that leads to eternal redemption and rebirth into different stages.


  • Symposium is a time for the participants to freely express the heart gained throughout the seminar and group discussion.

  • Academy consists of dynamic courses that participants can freely choose what they wish to take and go further. Experienced ministry leaders will be speaking in series that provide both theoretical and practical knowledge on a variety of ministry-related topics. The topics may vary from year to year and there were Mind Education, Addiction, African Mission, Church History, Fellowship, Buddhist Country Mission, Tabernacle, Faith, Youth, Prison Ministry, International Youth Fellowship, Health & Faith, and more.


  • World-Class Music Concerts by award-winning Gracias Choir and Orchestra deliver show-stopping concerts and musical performances each day and night.


  • Special Performance will move you and inspire you to action. Stirring play and dance performances will be presented by overseas volunteers from a youth organization by International Youth Fellowship.


  • Tour & Homestay is a chance to visit and experience popular tourist destinations in New York (Empire State Building, Times Square, and Statue of Liberty) and amazing opportunities to collaborate with Good News Mission branches in Atlanta, Detroit, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and more.



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There are 2 options to participate.

  • Option 1:  First Week Only

  • Option 2: First & Second Week

  • Fee: 

    The fee includes meals & lodging for the entire duration of the conference, learning materials, airport pickup and drop-off, and a ground transportation for the trip to regional churches in different cities for the 2ndweek of the conference.

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