What to Expect from CLF World Conference

We promise you a robust program, filled with a variety of programs from small group sessions and large meetings to show-stopping performances on stage.

General Sessions

This morning and evening event features focused lectures by Pastor Ock Soo Park, as well as virtuoso music performances by award-winning Gracias Choir and Orchestra. Sit back, relax, and soak up the Holy Spirit, manifested through praise and the Word of God.


These intensive and dynamic courses offer in-depth knowledge and understanding of today’s hot topics in ministry and biblical pedagogy. See below for academy descriptions.

Systematic Theology

Focuses on the founding principles of spiritual life and the Christian faith, which are integral to ministry and Christian leadership. Oftentimes, difficulties in spiritual life and ministry stem from a faulty foundation.

The Systemic Theology Academy will focus on the Word of God as divine and inspired prophecy, the fall of man in sin, the emergence of the Law, the repentance and redemption of man, and the Secret of the Church. This course also emphasizes that even though the Word of God is clear on these principles, Christians and Christian leaders are unable to apply them to modern spiritual life because they blend their own thoughts and desires with the Word. Over four sessions, you will be able to clearly define the major principles of Christian faith and illustrate the overall flow of the Bible.

Biblical Figures

“For I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfill all my will.” (Acts 13:22) David was a young shepherd with no education or political experience. So, how did he become the greatest king in the history of Israel? He was united in heart with God. Through the Biblical Figures academy, you will learn how God worked mightily through His servants, and how God can work in us the same way. This academy will focus on Abraham, Joseph, David, and other prominent figures.

Church History

Recently we commemorated the 500th anniversary of the Religious Reformation led by Martin Luther. Many things have happened since the time of Jesus Christ, but God has preserved the gospel and His will. This preservation has created many fierce battles between Christ and Satan. This academy will examine the role of evangelicals throughout the history of the church, the Roman Empire’s effect on Christianity, the persecution of Christianity throughout history, and the Evangelicals after the Dark Ages. Most importantly, this academy will focus on the heart that today’s Christian leaders must have for the gospel to stay preserved and be preached into future generations.


God constructed the Tabernacle with the Messiah in mind. The Tabernacle is a detailed manifestation of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. We can discover God’s heart towards sin, redemption, judgment, and faith through the Tabernacle. This academy will focus on the significance and meaning of each aspect of the Tabernacle’s construction, including the altar, laver, candlestick, the ark of the covenant, and more. This academy will also cover the representation of Jesus in the burnt offering, wave offering, sin offering, and others.

Health and Faith

Sickness is a part of life. However, there was no disease that Jesus could not heal. Jesus has the power to create reversal–darkness to light, despair to joy, and sickness to health. With the man blind from birth, Jesus said that it was so that the works of God may be made manifest. Through this academy, we will discover the heart God wants to instill in us through our sicknesses, and how we can overcome any ailment through faith in order to ultimately glorify God.

Mind Education

The focuses of modern life are mostly material wellbeing and shallow emotional satisfaction. That is why so much importance must be put on the heart and mind, and a steering of the heart to the right direction. Unfortunately, this is often ignored. The Mind Education academy focuses on how the principles from the Bible can be applied to everyday life to build self-control, the spirit to challenge, and selflessness. Such qualities lead to a blissful life that becomes a living testimony to the power of Jesus.


In 2 Kings chapter 5, Captain Naaman of Syria was suffering from leprosy, but was led to be healed by a Hebrew captive maid servant. This young girl had no money, power, family, and was in the worst position, but she had faith. The prodigal son suffered in hunger inside the pigpen, but his heart was at the father’s house. Paul and Silas were in the prison of Philippi, but their hearts sang praises to God and the iron gates opened.

Faith has the amazing power to lead us out from our circumstances. Through faith, God leads our hearts first, then our bodies and circumstances follow. Through the Faith Academy, you will learn how to have the faith to be “more than conquerers.”

The Law

Everyone knows the Ten Commandments and tries to keep them. However, only a few know why God gave us the Law in the first place. Once we discover God’s heart behind giving us the law through Moses, it is extremely simple to realize God’s providence for the salvation and redemption of mankind. Through this academy, you will learn that the true purpose for giving man the law was not to burden and bind, but to provide true rest and freedom. Select topics covered include the summary of the law, the definition of the law, and the righteousness of the law.


When the Word of God entered the earth, it transformed from a dark and empty place into a beautiful, life-filled garden. Likewise, it is when hope and the power of the Word of God enters the heart that the bonds of addiction can be broken. The Addiction Academy examines the state of the heart that leads many people to addiction, the failures to break addiction, and the patterns of addiction can be defeated through the Word of God. This academy will be effective in bringing a new solution to many people suffering from addiction, especially young people.

Mission in African Countries

Christianity entered Africa through the influence of US- and UK-based missionaries a long time ago. However, the true gospel has faded and much of Christianity that remains is stuck in rituals and formalities. You will hear from missionaries who have served din East and West Africa for decades. They will offer an accurate view of modern Christianity in Africa, testimonies of overcoming disease and poverty to preach the gospel, and how the Holy Spirit is now moving in Africa to bring salvation to many.

Mission in South American Countries

This academy will help you gain an understanding of the current works of the gospel arising in Latin America. Missionaries from Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, and more will deliver compelling testimonies of faith, and the amazing progress the gospel has made, including the former president of Paraguay hearing the truth and receiving salvation.

Mission in Communist Countries

This academy examines how the gospel is being preached in communist countries. It will cover specific issues of communist countries, which makes gospel evangelism extremely difficult. Content will focus on atheism and materialism, rejection of the Bible, and a tradition of denying Christianity overall. However, missionaries of faith who broke through and preached the gospel will discuss how these dire circumstances actually led to a greater work of God, and greater glory to God.

Mission in Buddhist Countries

Some countries are more than 90% Buddhist. This does not simply mean that their religion is Buddhism. It means that their history, culture, and lives are centered around Buddhism. How can the gospel be preached in such an environment? This academy will focus on the fundamental differences between traditional Christian nations and Buddhist nations, the difficulties behind evangelizing in these nations, and how through the work of God, missionaries of faith preached the gospel despite it all.

Mission in Muslim Countries

Missions in Muslim countries seem impossible and dangerous. In this academy, we will hear from missionaries who relied only on the word of God to bring the gospel to many people practicing Islam. Converting from Islam to Christianity is deemed a betrayal punishable by death. Despite such extreme cultural norms, the word of God prevailed to bring the gospel to people living in Muslim countries.

Symposia and Roundtable Discussions

These guided sessions offer you the opportunity to roll up your sleeves, analyze the Bible together with fellow attendees, and formulate your own presentations. Share your heart, talk about the issues you may be experiencing in spiritual life and your ministry, and find solutions through the Bible with the help of your fellow CLFers and our trained moderators.

Day 1: Repentance and Confession

Many people today are confused about the meaning of repentance and confession. These principles have been reduced to recitals of wrongdoing, confessing committed sins, and asking for forgiveness. This is a vain repetition that does not lead to true freedom and change. What does it truly mean to repent and to confess? The answers to these very important questions will be discussed and clarified.

Day 2: Faith and Works

“For by grace are ye saved, through faith… Not of works,” (Ephesian 2:8+9) While many speak and preach about faith, they still remain tied down to works in their hearts. True faith frees the heart from works. However, when the line of faith is unclear, people quickly fall back into works and exert effort to find peace with God. This ultimately leads to a cycle of failure and despair, and it actually draws many away from Him. This symposium will take a careful look into the world of the heart and how faith and works operate in the heart.

Day 3: Justification and Sanctification

This symposium session will examine the relationship and difference between justification and sanctification. What are Jesus’ role and our roles in justification and sanctification? To what extent has Jesus justified and sanctified us? What kind of heart is ready to accept the magnitude of what Jesus has finished? These topics and more will be discussed.

Day 4: Truth and Heresy

Jesus Christ was persecuted as a heresy. In the early church, Apostle Paul, Peter, and other men of faith were also persecuted as heretics and sect leaders. This is also true today. Where there is truth, persecution and slander attempt to dismantle it. A clear biblical standard determines truth from heresy. People often blindly follow preferences and thoughts rather than closely examining, through the Word, what defines truth and heresy. This symposium discusses both definitions through the lens of the Scripture.

Award-winning Gracias Choir

CLF World Conference 2018 features breathtaking vocal, instrumental, and mixed choir performances by the world’s best Gracias Choir and Orchestra. Gracias Choir is the First Prize winner of the International Choir Competition Marktoberdorf, the most prestigious choral competition in the world. At CLF, these exceptional musicians will dazzle you from beginning to end with technique, artistic expression, and most importantly, a thankful heart. If God had a voice, it would sound like Gracias Choir and Orchestra. Registration gives you secured seating.

Gracias Easter Cantata

Gracias Easter Cantata is a moving musical re-enactment of the last days, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has touched tens of thousands around the world, providing an intimate, firsthand portrait of what Christ endured to take on the sins of the entire world.

Easter Cantata features amazing musical performances from Gracias Choir and Orchestra, detailed scenery and backdrops, and a Gospel message that runs deep into your heart and soul.

Dances and Special Presentations

An important outreach of Pastor Park’s International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is the dance and theater ministries. Enjoy stirring dance performances cultivated from Good News Corps overseas volunteer experiences from every part of the world, as well as special stage presentations that will move you and inspire you to action.

Good News Mission Branch Tour

During the second half of CLF World Conference 2018, you will be able to visit regional Good News Mission branches on the East Coast US to see how the Gospel is being effectively preached and how souls continue to be won for the Kingdom. There’s even time for NYC and regional city touring, sightseeing, and fellowship with fellow Good News Mission congregants.