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Dr. Bartholomew Orr is the Senior Pastor of Brown Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Orr has served in this capacity since January 25, 1989. Under his leadership, the church has experienced tremendous growth, spiritually and numerically. Despite a large church setting, Pastor Orr works diligently to ensure that Brown maintains a “family-like” atmosphere. He is accessible to every member of his congregation, and every member takes pride in receiving a yearly birthday call from their pastor.

Pastor Orr received his Doctorate Degree in Ministry from Union University. He has always used his passion for education to train and empower other ministers. A humble and honorable man, Pastor Orr has had the opportunity to share the gospel with diverse audiences around the world. Pastor Orr is married to his lovely wife Valarie, his best friend of over 30 years. They have been blessed with four sons and four grandchildren.

What is the role of the church in our society? Although many have differing opinions about what the church should be doing, we have received the best model for the church through the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus’s ministry can be separated into three categories; preaching, teaching, and healing. Through the gospels and specially illustrated through Matthew Chapter 4 and 9, we are given a description of what true ministry is. Through compassion for the broken and through love for the soul, we can see how the life of Christ gives us direction for the church today.

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