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Greg Griffith is passionate about God and his family, friends, and ministry. As a spiritual, emotional, and physical champion of others, Greg loves cheering people on in the ways God has designed them. He finds tremendous joy in seeing people win for Jesus and in life. Outside of his church ministry, Greg spends time speaking, sporting, traveling, and achieving his goals. His greatest joys are his wife Laurie, a dedicated homemaker and accomplished baker, and their girls, Macey and Tessa, who are leaders in their own giftedness. Greg loves encouraging and supporting them! Ordained in 2004, Greg has been a lead pastor in larger churches since 2012. Greg is a Working Genius facilitator and a congregational and ministerial coach. He serves on leadership boards and teams in Nebraska and the United States.

Ministry has changed, society has changed, and the world has changed. It will continue to change because the world is constantly evolving, which means how we minister and what we do to reach people changes. The Why remains the same. How do you reclaim your ministry in our fast-paced, ever-changing world? This session will share how we maintain the why and reframe the how and what of ministry. Together we will discover the basics of our calling. We will find the uniquely gifted calling we have to reclaim our ministry in our contexts.

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