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Senior Pastor of The Bible Chapel
President and Founder of The Journey Ministry
Board of Directors of Word of Life International

Ron Moore serves as Senior Pastor of The Bible Chapel, a multi-site church with five campuses in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Ron earned his Master of Theology and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Grove City College. He holds a Master of Education from Texas A&M. Ron is the President and Founder of The Journey Ministry, a non-profit organization focused on Bible Engagement. Ron serves on the Board of Directors of Word of Life International and lectures at Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida. He previously served as President of Back To The Bible. Ron and his wife, Lori, have four married children and seven grandchildren. Ron has written several books, including Worn Out by Obedience, Ignite, Living Grounded, Journey through the Bible, Journey through the Psalms, and Journey through the Gospels.

Spiritual fatigue can happen to anyone, even to mature believers. But when ignored, it leads to disconnectedness, disappointment, and discouragement. And that’s where the danger begins. During these vulnerable stretches, we are most susceptible to sin and temptation. As a lion goes after worn-down prey, Satan charges after the worn-down believer. We need to see the reality of spiritual fatigue, understand its pitfalls, and take steps to refresh our souls.
In this session, we will follow the journey of David, whose spiritual fatigue led him to escape to the land of the enemy and live in Ziklag. We will consider: How to identify “Ziklag” warning signs.
How to avoid spiritual fatigue. How to find the rhythm of recovering and refueling.

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