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Leading Authentic Growth


Lead Pastor

Light of Joy

Georgia, USA

Lecture Description

To lead authentic growth we must build leaders ,create entry points and launch teams. Intentional structure and systems are necessary for sustained growth. Numerical growth is desirable and mandatory if we are going to connect people with God, each other, our city, and our world. Jesus grew in stature, the body of Christ needs to grow numerically. Numbers are not always the measure of success ,Yet the church is not a museum for keeping a few pure saints under glass for all to see. The healthy church is a warm, open, loving, and healing community.

About Speaker

Pastor Frank Salters serves as the Servant Leader of Light of Joy in Riverdale, Georgia, focusing on community development and personal growth, with thousands redirected and a membership exceeding two thousand within five years. Actively engaged in prison outreach, he aids in hundreds' transition back into society, directing the "Standing in the Gap" prison conference and advising the Georgia Department of Corrections Faith-Based Advisory Board. A graduate of The International Christian Men’s Network and recipient of The Man in the Mirror Mentoring Curriculum diploma, he shares his insights globally, impacting conferences and organizations with his wisdom and experience.

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