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Empowering the church


Senior Pastor

Lighthouses of Prayer Intl

Texas, USA

Lecture Description

The Ephesian church is an incredible example in the New Testament which provides timeless principles on empowering the church in the 21st century. Drawing from the teachings of Jesus and the Apostle Paul, the New Testament church is empowered through the proclamation of the Gospel, strategic prayer, reliance on the Holy Spirit and unity among the believers. By recognizing and equipping each member's unique calling and gifts, churches can become centers of spiritual vitality transforming their communities.

About Speaker

Pastor Gene, a native of San Antonio, Texas, is married to Bekki since 1990, they served in Covenant Community Church in Orange, California, prior to returning to San Antonio. Their experience serving in an affluent California neighborhood enriched their ministry, but they felt called back to their hometown to serve in a more difficult context. There is great poverty and generational brokenness in San Antonio but their hearts are dedicated to loving the people of San Antonio. Pastor Gene currently serves as president of 'Lighthouses of Prayer International' and as the senior pastor at River of Life Church.

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