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Senior Pastor

Good News Bangkok Church


Lecture Description

A family of 4 embarked on a mission to Thailand with only $2,000, facing fears and uncertainties like blind men stumbling forward. Now, after 27 years, countless Thai believers joined their journey, with Good News Bangkok Church established as a hub. Good News alumni and Lincoln School students contribute to the flourishing ministry. Despite being inadequate like lepers, God worked wonders through us, just as He prepared a great feast in the Syrian camp. Now we are no longer just 4 and we go forward together trusting that God will change Thailand into a new country.

About Speaker

Pastor Hak Chul Kim serves as the Senior Pastor at Good News Bangkok Church, Thailand, while also holding key leadership roles as the President of International Youth Fellowship (IYF) and Director of International Mind Education Incorporation (IMEI) in Thailand. He contributes to public discourse as a columnist for Dailynews, a major news publishing company in Thailand. Recognized for his contributions to education, he holds an Honorary Doctorate of Education from Mongolia Technology University. Through his multifaceted roles, Pastor Kim impacts both spiritual and educational spheres, enriching communities in Thailand and beyond.

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