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A Call to Boldness: Recognizing and Confronting the Spirit of Jezebel


Lead Pastor

Faith Church

Colorado, USA

Lecture Description

In challenging times, I offer heartfelt encouragement as we address the crucial theme of confronting the spirit of Jezebel. We see parallels to our struggles as Bible-believing Christians today from Elijah's story in 1 Kings 18 and 19. Amid cultural pressures, opposition signifies our faithful representation of God, as Jesus predicted. The spirit of Jezebel remains a threat, aiming to supplant Scripture's authority with cultural relevance, causing confusion among believers. The rise of "Woke Christian theology" exemplifies the danger of sacrificing biblical truth for societal approval. Let us remain steadfast in upholding God's Word amidst these challenges.

About Speaker

Pastor Jason King started his ministry at Faith at 23 years old after graduating from Bible college in San Antonio, Texas. He served in several pastoral roles until he left to pursue the mission field in England. In 2016, he returned to Faith and, in January 2017, became the senior pastor. Whether serving as a youth pastor, worship pastor, mission pastor, men’s pastor, or teaching pastor, Pastor Jason's gifts have been used to illuminate Christ's body and give hope to the lost. Now, his ministry experience and heart for people have placed him in a position to fulfill his greatest call -- to preach the Word of God.

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