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And there they preached the gospel
(Acts 14:7)


Senior Pastor

Good News Quezon Church


Lecture Description

In the story of Captain Naaman, his wife was a noble but lacked faith, while a servant girl, though captive, possessed the Gospel. She shared the Gospel with Naaman and transformed their home. Leprosy symbolizes unsaved sinners enslaved to sin, but faith in Christ brings heals our sins. We can proclaim the Gospel, knowing God acts consistently. In the Philippines, institutions and schools offer platforms to testify about Jesus, experiencing His miracles.

About Speaker

Nam Kyung Hyun currently serves at the Senior Pastor of the Good News Philippines Church. He pursued theological education at Korea Theology School in the late 1980s and he continued his studies at Korea Cyber University from 2017 to 2020. Throughout his career, he served as Director of various branches of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) in Korea before being appointed the President of IYF in the Philippines, where he led initiatives like World Camps and Mind Education programs. Additionally, he served as President of IMEI and PCLF Philippines, focusing on youth issues and Christian character development. He also established the Lincoln School of Arts and Language (LSAL) as a Senior High School.

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