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Living Led by the Spirit, Free from the Flesh


Senior Pastor

Good News Anyang Church

South Korea

Lecture Description

After receiving forgiveness of sins, one must be led by the Spirit, yet some are led by fleshly desires and thoughts, leading to difficulties. However, God leads us away from fleshly desires and back to Him. He restrains our flesh. When we align our hearts with God's, He protects and blesses us.

About Speaker

Lee Han Gyu serves as the General Secretary of the Korea Christian Association (KCA), bringing leadership to the organization's endeavors. Additionally, he imparts his knowledge and passion for Church History as a professor at Good News Theological School. Beyond academia, Lee Han Gyu fulfills his pastoral duties at Good News Anyang Church, guiding and shepherding the congregation in their spiritual journey. With his multifaceted roles, he exemplifies a commitment to both theological education and practical ministry, enriching the Christian community in South Korea through his dedicated service.

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