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One person is not just one person.


Senior Pastor

Good News Hong Kong Church

Hong Kong

Lecture Description

The foundation of missionary work in 119 countries worldwide for the Good News Mission Church has always been discipleship training, and the core of this training is self-denial. No one is a disciple from the beginning. Becoming a disciple entails undergoing training where individuals, one by one, deny their own thoughts before the Word. This involves explaining the disciple training as described in the Bible and introducing the disciple training process of the missionary church.

About Speaker

Rhee Gwangbo, serving as Senior Pastor at Good News Hong Kong Church and heading branches in China, India, and Southeast Asia for both IYF and CLF, boasts extensive pastoral and educational experience. Notable achievements include chairing the Hong Kong Christian Leadership Forum and conducting large-scale evangelistic bible seminars in India. Additionally, he serves as a consultant for the Hong Kong Institute of Spiritual Education and a professor at Good News Theology School. Recognized for his contributions, he holds honorary doctorates in psychology and theology, reflecting his commitment to spiritual and educational leadership in the region.

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