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11.30-12.3, 2020


Christian Youth Association

C-YA is a community for young Christians to start and strengthen their relationship with God while rediscovering the joy of what it means to be a Christian.    


The world is in great spiritual need of the heart of God. Many young people have turned away from the Lord and have become distant from their faith. The disheartened youth of the world need a platform for open collaboration and active discussion. When we move forward for the gospel, God will surely abide with us and lead us down the blessed path.  


Heart Upgrade is a discipleship program made for youth, by youth. We upgrade everything else in our life, but why do we not upgrade our hearts as we live spiritual life?    


What does upgrading the heart mean? We live a life bound to our senses, preventing us from living the life God envisions for us. However, once we forsake our senses and receive the heart of God, we are able to live the life of a true disciple.    


Through Heart Upgrade, we will share the living testimonies of many youth that have discovered the true value of the Gospel in the face of adversity.  


Pastor Ock Soo Park

  • Founder of Good News Mission: 760 active churches in 80 countries across 6 continents

  • Pastor of Good News Gangnam Church

  • Founder of International Youth Fellowship: Educating and activating youth

  • Bestselling author of 70 gospel and self-development publications that have transformed lives

  • Educational innovator pioneering proprietary “mind education” for schools, companies, and churches.

  • Spiritual advisor to national heads of state in South America, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific.


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  11/30(Mon) & 12/1(Tue)  

  12/2(Wed) & 12/3(Thur)  




  • Date: 11/30 (Mon) - 12/3 (Thur)

  • ParticipantAll Christian 

  • Fee: WAIVED for youth

  • Language supported in: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Korean, more

  • Contact: 888-466-9846(Eng.), 646-898-9961(Spn.)  I  c-ya@clfusa.org  

Although the conference will be online, we ask that attendees still dress in clothes that they would wear when they socialize normally. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us via email or telephone provided.

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