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Although the primary goal of local Christian churches is to win souls for the kingdom of God, they also strive to serve their immediate community’s material, emotional, and mental needs as the hands and feet of Christ. Unfortunately, many pastors and local Christian leaders often feel isolated and defeated in the face of a post-pandemic world, uncertain financial futures, and shouldering a calling that seems to get heavier every day. Many have contemplated whether they should give

up and fold their program, especially those who work with populations that need the most ministry and care.


This is where the CLF World Conference steps in. The Conference serves as a platform to connect local ministries with vital resources for nurture and growth, to inspire local pastors through talks from the brightest minds in ministry, to host networking opportunities with other likeminded organizations for partnerships for a more significant impact, and to provide Biblical-centric fellowship between church leaders from different nationalities and walks of life.


In 1 Samuel, when David’s enemies have stolen everything from him, he encouraged himself in the Lord and went on to recover all through faith in God’s promise. At CLF, we believe that when the local ministry gets encouraged and equipped with the tools they need, they can change their city for the glory of the gospel. Come and join us in our mission, and we can’t wait to meet you at the World Conference.

Pastor Ock Soo Park


What is CLF &
Why IYF World Camp

The Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) is a dynamic global movement comprised of a diverse community of pastors, and church leaders committed to advancing the Biblical gospel and strengthening churches worldwide. With a membership in the hundreds of thousands, the CLF serves as the platform for the promotion of unity and cooperation among churches of different denominations and cultures. Through a variety of initiatives, such as international conferences, local workshops, and collaborative evangelism projects, the CLF provides opportunities for leaders to share best practices, and learn from one another. Through building networks of cooperation, CLF seeks to empower churches to have a greater impact that promotes long-term change in their communi-ties through the power of the gospel.


As a long-time partnering organization of the CLF, the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is a youth leadership NGO with active branches in over 90 countries. The flagship event, the IYF World Culture Camp, strives to celebrate the diverse cultures of the global village as well as develop future Christian leaders that will change the world for the better. The event features the attendance of thousands of college students world-wide, international forums among representatives of governments that ponder solutions for the most pressing issues facing young people today, and extensive programs that grow youths to obtain a healthy mindset and a heart for God. 

What is CLF

Grand Conference Schedule


CLF Main Speaker

Pastor Ock Soo Park

» Senior Pastor, 

   Good News Mission 

» Founder,

   International Youth Fellowship

» Founder,

   Christian Leaders Fellowship

Founder of Good News Mission: 

With 1,008 active churches in 90+ countries, the Good News Mission works to testify the pure gospel of repentance and the remissions of sins.

Spiritual Advisor to Heads of State: 

Advised presidents and heads of state on how to lead their nations with the heart of God in over 24 countries, such as Kenya, Zambia, Eswatini, Benin, Philippines, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Paraguay, and many more.


Mentor for the Youth: 

Founded the International Youth Fellowship with over 2,000,000 people participating in affiliated events and has annually lectured the youth on the world of the heart, spirit, and mind in over 40 countries. 


Best Selling Author: 

With millions in circulation and translated in over 80 languages, Pastor Park’s sermons books have guided many to faith. Particularly, many were able to realize the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ through Pastor Park’s first best-selling sermon book: “How I Became Free From Sin.” 


Founder of Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF): 

The movement that continues the spirit of the Christian reformation incepted by Martin Luther, CLF unites pastors under the declaration that the Bible is the true and only Word of God. Hundreds of thousands of pastors worldwide have participated since its inception in 2017.

Gracias Choir & Orchestra

The Gracias Choir was founded in 2000 and has relentlessly pursued excellence in the artistry of classical music and emotional purification, education, and international fellowship. It was incorporated in 2013. In 2015, the Gracias Choir won the highest prize at the Marktoberdorf  International Choral Competition in Germany.


2022      Music Concert at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, Israel


2017       Music Concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York


2015       The First Prize, Well Romantic Choral Work Prize,

                  14th Marktoberdorf Choral Competition, Germany


2014       Grand Prize, 13th Concorso Corale Internazionale Riva del Garda, Italy

                  First Prize, Best Audience Award, Montreux Choral Festival, Switzerland

2010-     Gracias Christmas Cantata US Tour

2022      LA: Microsoft Theater                   •Dallas: Texas Trust CU Theater

                    •Atlanta: Gas South Arena            •Detroit: Fox Theater

                    •Houston: Toyota Center                  and many more

                    •Orlando: Amway Center

2009      Music Concert at Haydn Hall in Eisenstadt, Austria

2008      Music Concert at Opera House in Sydney, Australia

2006      Music Concert at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY


Memphis Belle

mb3 Medium.jpeg

Memphis Belle is a group of passionate and trans-formed young people who aim to spread the uplifting power of God’s love through the universal language of dance. They express their gratitude for the blood of Jesus through physical praise, turning each move and routine into an opportunity to glorify God. Using dance, Memphis Belle hopes to unite young people and spread the ever-springing joy they received in Christ to all who witness their performances. Memphis Belle incorporates a variety of dance styles: from musical theatre to street dance styles as well as aerobatics, to put together performances that are 

dynamic and exciting.

2023CLF emp talk1 Medium.jpeg
2023CLF emp talk2 Medium.jpeg

CLF Talks

CLF Talks highlight some of the most important themes of the Bible through multiple lecture series brought to you by experienced Bible scholars and experts.

Topics include the works of the law compared and contrasted with the concept of free grace, how the offerings of the tabernacle illustrate the redemption of Christ, the thorough breakdown of the

prophecies of the scriptures, and the evaluation of true repentance in reference to confession. Discover the truths of the Bible like never before with CLF Talks.






Testimonies from the Participants

Gene Loeffler Medium.jpeg


Lighthouse of Prayer International, Texas, USA

So many people from so many different nations. Forty-eight nations are visiting here; being able to get to know them and make so many new friends has really been the highlight of my experience at this conference. I love the Christian Leaders Fellowship. I would recommend it to any of my pastors, friends, or leaders. It has impacted me in such a powerful way by exposing me to other relationships globally around the world.

Bishop Dr Joseph Serwadda Medium.jpeg


Born Again Faith Church,


The counsel and fellowship in South Korea have been a blessing of enormous propor-tions. God has used this conference to bring so many people together. So many things that are discussed at the CLF are going to become the reason and purpose of our next move in the world. I believe that the Gospel needs to be preached now, but the emphasis has to be on those young people who will, in turn, spread the Gospe

The 2nd-Week Program 7.29 - 8.1

Local Church Experience

The Local Church Experience Program offers a unique opportunity for pastors to immerse themselves in the warm hospitality of Korean believers. Pastors are invited to participate in local church services, meet with believers, and share their own testimonies of God’s grace. Participants are sure to come away with a renewed sense of faith in the power and beauty of the global Christian community.

2022clfkr localchurch2 Medium.jpeg
clflocalchurch3 Medium.jpeg
2022CLFkr localchurch3 Medium.jpeg

How to Register


CLF Grand Conference

July 21 ~ 28, 2024

CLF Grand Conference + 2nd-week Program

July 21 ~ August 1, 2024


CLF Grand Conference

Bexco(Busan, Korea)

2nd-week Program

Local Churches

(Various cities, Korea)



*Fee covers a shared hotel room, all meals, and all program for the entire duration of the event



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