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Unity in Christ

In these modern times, Christianity collectively faces new problems that have influenced both the structure of churches and the culture of congregants. However, we at the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) believe that when we put aside artificial divides and come together to believe solely in the scripture, we will see a “greater awakening” that will touch the hearts of our church members, youth, and communities. At the CLF, we prioritize equipping our leaders with the Word, refreshing our spirit through fellowship, and impacting the world with the gospel.


CLF works to fortify churches, bridge Christian communities, and grow the reach of the gospel to new mission fields. 

  • CLF works with pastors from local community churches to large, international ministries to connect leaders with key resources, ideas, and networks that can make a difference.

  • Once divided by language or background, CLF provides a platform where pastors from all walks of life can engage in true Biblical fellowship and form a brotherhood inside of Christ. 

  CLF & YOU  

CLF wishes to help you maximize the potential of your ministry and walk with Christ.

  • We host regional and national events featuring empowering talks and lectures from some of the most important minds in ministry today. 

  • We provide online theological and spiritual learning regimens that allow you to grow your knowledge of the Word at your own pace. 

  • Network with church leaders from all different parts of the world and easily find people whose ministries align for future partnerships. 

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