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America began with the Gospel. The Puritans would build a chapel before building their own homes, and the schools they established educated their children on how to serve God. Starting form the late 18th century, America dispatched missionaries all over the world to preach the name of Jesus Christ.


Now, however, doctrine and denomination divides modern American Christianity. Believers prefer to receive blessings to increase the quality of their own lives rather than sacrificing themselves for God or others. Our schools have prohibited the talk of God. in addition, our youths stop attending church after they graduate high school and they suffer because of problems such as drug abuse and suicide.


Now is the time of change for the leadership of Christianity. When Christian leaders come together to focus solely on the Bible, putting aside both denomination and doctrine, then God will work in unimaginable ways and America will be renewed by the Word.


Pastor Yeong Kook Park

President of Christian Leaders Fellowship

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