2017 CLF Conference in Dallas Overview

CLF Conference in Dallas fuels the passion that drives effective evangelism: action-driven collaboration, sound ministerial practices, and the development of a strong heart that is focused on spreading the gospel throughout the world.

At CLF Conference, you’ll be provided inspiration, education, and the networks you need to transform your ministry. This CLF Conference will host hundreds of Christian leaders from all corners of the globe.

Through inspiring lectures, insightful group sessions, thematic lectures, and world-class music, you will discover solutions to various issues you may be facing in your ministry and personal life. We welcome you to CLF Conference.

CLF NY 2017 - Christian Leaders Fellowship

2017 CLF Conference in Dallas Schedule

Venue: Hyatt Regency in DFW International Airport
Address: 2334 North International Parkway, DFW Airport, TX 75261
Contact: (972) 272-4724

2017 CLF Conference in Dallas Program

Part I

You have a passion for reaching the world with the Gospel.
We have a passion for working together with you.

CLF Dinner


Enjoy light fare while reconnecting with your pastoral colleagues, as well as CLF leadership and staff

CLF Dallas Lectures


In-depth explanation of CLF objectives and programs, as well as the goals for Mind Education in the United States

CLF Dallas Lectures

Special Message

Good News Mission Founder Pastor Ock Soo Park and global CLF directors deliver sermons that dive deep into the Word of God, and how to minister effectively

CLF Connects You

Joining CLF gives you full access to signature events and initiatives organized by our partners,
including International Youth Fellowship (IYF) and Good News Mission.

Gracias Christmas Cantata

IYF World Camp

Global IYF Programs

Bible Crusade

The CLF Experience

Pastor Miguel Montoya

Atlanta Winut Church

“I was able to learn about Good News Mission through the IYF World Camp in New York. At the time, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about salvation and it was really new for me. That was because, throughout my nine years of ministry, I had understood salvation with my own thoughts. Afterwards, hearing about the heart of God from Pastor Park made me realize that I am righteous. That I have become eternally, forever holy! After I returned to Atlanta, I read a book he wrote called “Repentance and Faith.” Through it I was able to gain complete assurance of salvation.This symposium allowed me to hear the word of Pastor Ock Soo Park and have personal fellowship with him. For me, it was such an amazing and graceful time. One thing that I am certain about is the work that is happening inside of me. I will preach this Word of salvation at my church. I hope that this clear salvation can be delivered to everyone. I am so thankful and happy.”

Sociominister Angela Banks Harris

Greater Reform Church

“What’s attracting about CLF was the fact that it deals with a lot of youth. As a teacher of over 38 years and 27 years in the New York City Public School system I know that it’s so important in the world that we live in today with all the evil that exists that our young people know that God is who He says He is, Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.
CLF has helped me see through a thin line of perception. Pastor Park was reiterating scriptures that I’ve read many many, many times – God showed me a new way of looking at so many of them that I did
not have the sight to see before. In 2 Kings chapter 5, Pastor Park talked about the woman with the oil. I realized when you are in a situation where you can’t nd your way out, you learn to depend on God. The woman in this passage was married to a man who believed in God but she didn’t particularly believe in God herself. She followed her own thoughts and it led her to a very bad situation where her sons were going to be sold. So she went to the man of God the prophet and asked him, ‘You know well what can I do I have nothing. They’re going to take my sons I have nothing left.’ And that’s when he told her to gather the vessels and to pour the oil into every vessel that she received and then to take that money pay her debt and live her life in the fear and love of God.”