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“And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.” (Luke 24:47)

America began with the Gospel. The Puritans would build a chapel before building their own homes, and the schools they established educated their children on how to serve God. Starting from the late 18th century, America dispatched missionaries all over the world to preach the name of Jesus Christ. Now, however, doctrine and denomination divides modern American Christianity. Believers prefer to receive blessings to increase the quality of their own lives rather than sacrificing themselves for God or others. Our schools have prohibited the talk of God. In addition, our youths stop attending church after they graduate high school and they suffer because of problems such as drug abuse and suicide. Now is the time of change for the leadership of Christianity. When Christian leaders come together to focus solely on the Bible, putting aside both denomination and doctrine, then God will work in unimaginable ways and America will be renewed by the Word.



Founder of Good News Mission,
Main Speaker at CLF USA Conference

  • Authored over 50 sermon books and self-development publications
  • Dispatched over 1000 pastors and missionaries to 80 countries
  • Trusted advisor to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and officials around the world
  • Proven youth educator and digital innovator for ministry and development
Pastor Ock Soo Park


See what renowned Christian leaders say about the impact of CLF

Reverend Ock Soo Park has been a blessing to people worldwide. I thank God because of Reverend Park, who founded this ministry, and my prayer is that 2018 will be a year of restoration. God is going to open new doors for this wonderful ministry to win souls to the Kingdom.Arch Bishop Dr. Arthur Kitonga, Redeemed Gospel Church in Kenya

In 2009, the military government forced us to close our churches and we began to search for the DNA of the Methodist Church. Pastor Park has given us the very thing we were looking for. The message that our sins have been eternally forgiven is the very thing John Wesley was all about. He is bringing the church back to Jesus Christ.Rev. Dr. Tevita Nawadra Banivanua, President of the Methodist Church, Fiji

In every generation, God looks for a man to become His voice in his generation. Noah was the voice of repentance, Abraham was the voice of faith, and Moses was the voice of liberation. John Wesley and Martin Luther were voices of the Reformation. God has chosen Pastor Park as the voice that affirms salvation by God’s grace is real.Bishop Dr. Joseph Serwadda, Pastor of Victory Christian Center in Kampala, Uganda

I do ministry as a bishop of Evangeline Christian Baptists Church in Russia, but I had many conflicts in my heart about spiritual life. However, as I believed the eternal redemption through the CLF, I came to know accurately about the fact that the blood of Jesus washed away all my sins forever. We don’t unite through denominations or as being a leader, but we become one in Christ. I hope all people can receive grace and the gospel that is being preached here.Alekseev Oleg Bishop of Evangeline Christian Baptists Church, Russia


The 2017 CLF World Conference in New York was a huge success because Christian leaders like you were able to gain so much from the experience. Here’s a look back!


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