CLF Symposium Overview


April 19 – 21, 2017 | United Palace Theatre, NY

Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) is a non-denominational collaboration of Christian leaders created to make evangelism more effective.

CLF helps you discover and share the will of God for this generation and to enter the mission eld with one heart. CLF resolves the dif culties and challenges you encounter during your ministry through the Bible.

Our upcoming symposium will be your opportunity to open your heart and have meaningful, fruitful fellowship.

CLF Symposium Programs

You have a passion for reaching the world with the Gospel.
We have a passion for working together with you.

Bible Crusade

Since 2006, the Bible Crusade in New York has clearly and simply explained the heart of God that is lled in the Bible by focusing on different topics each year.
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Gracias Choir Concerts

The hymns of award-winning Gracias Choir will comfort weary souls,
open hearts, and deeply move you.


Thematic lectures that go in-depth into the Tabernacle and its definitive connection to Jesus Christ


Pastor Miguel Montoya

Atlanta Winut Church

“I was able to learn about Good News Mission through the IYF World Camp in New York. At the time, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about salvation and it was really new for me. That was because, throughout my nine years of ministry, I had understood salvation with my own thoughts. Afterwards, hearing about the heart of God from Pastor Park made me realize that I am righteous. That I have become eternally, forever holy! After I returned to Atlanta, I read a book he wrote called “Repentance and Faith.” Through it I was able to gain complete assurance of salvation.

This symposium allowed me to hear the word of Pastor Ock Soo Park and have personal fellowship with him. For me, it was such an amazing and graceful time. One thing that I am certain about is the work that is happening inside of me. I will preach this Word of salvation at my church. I hope that this clear salvation can be delivered to everyone. I am so thankful and happy.”

Pastor Cynthia Green


“I am a Pastor who has a few church branches. In my own church, there are about 50 brothers and sisters. I really liked how Pastor emphasized salvation through Jesus’ grace. Many churches do not insist on salvation. There are churches that speak of this but they do not speak of the salvation that solely comes from the grace of Jesus.

Therefore, some congregation members are afraid to come back to church after they commit a sin or make a mistake because they feel they will be rejected.

However, I feel so grateful that this mission talks about the salvation that happens through grace. Whether or not we make mistakes, we are still the children of God.
I am so happy I could come here..”